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Global Crisis 7″
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The Global Crisis 7″ was recorded was recorded in February of 1999 in New Jersey.  5 songs were recorded.

Bomb Drop
Celebrity Gossip
Pull My Strings
No War Can Be Won
Still Fighting for a Future

The EP features the first four songs.  Still Fighting was released on Punx Unite 2 on Charged Records.  There were two pressings of this record.  The first was on clear vinyl.  The band also made some photocopied covers for extra records from the clear pressing.  There are 50 pink and 50 orange photo copied covers, each hand numbered.  The EP was release on Charged Records, catalog # CHARGED-06.

Vocals – Mike Virus
Lead Guitar – Chris Expulsion
Rhythm Guitar – Fat Dave 20/20
Bass Guitar – Paul
Drums – Jarrod

::::: GLOBAL CRISIS :::::

1st Press – 1100 copies all on clear vinyl. 1000 copies came with purple glossy pocket covers and bright pink insert. There were only supposed to be 1000 copies of this first pressing but the plant did an over run of an extra 100 records so the band made 50 dark pink and 50 orange, fold-over, paper covers. The pink covers came hand numbered out of 50 and the orange covers were also hand numbered out of 50. The limited edition cover copies also came with the bright pink insert.

2nd Press – Roughly 1035 copies total.

189 clear green vinyl
800 solid yellow vinyl.
3 black vinyl
6 dark green & black swirled vinyl
5 mint green vinyl
1 screaming turd brown, butt-hole hickey colored copy (extremely rare)

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